• How many posts did you write?14 posts
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?all
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?7comments                                                                                     Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?  i don’t now
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?all about me post
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why? a bout 7 times because  you net  to give some thing to look at .
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? 7 widgets
  • How many overseas students do you haveyon our blogroll? 2students on am bloggroll

My favorite food !!!!!! : P

My favorite food is The apples were plentiful; falling off the tree even. Just 15 minutes later and we had more than enough apples for apple sauce, apple butter and of course some apple desserts. The apples shown in the photo above are sweet, but quite small; the kids have been taking them in their lunches. They’re the perfect size for Georgia, no waste. We also picked some larger apples that were very tart, not so great for eating raw but perfect for apple desserts and preserves. One of my favourites is Dutch Apple Cake, not only is it delicious, but very easy too. It is supper easy to make and perfect for tart fruit. Crab apples work too! Recipe: Prepare your favourite white cake or a Betty as per instructions, but reduce the liquid by 1/4 cup. Pour the batter into a shallow, well-greased baking dish. Peel and core about four small apples; cut them in eighths. Place the apples in rows on the batter with the sharp edge pressed in slightly. Sprinkle generously with sugar and cinnamon. Bake at 350 until batter is baked and the fruit is tender.

10 places I love to go :p!

Ten place I love to go to are asia, africa, togo, bahamas, norway, mall, jordan, lran, yemen, yemen, india.Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent.

For other uses, see Africa (disambiguation).
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Africa (orthographic projection).svg Africa
Area 30,221,532 km2 (11,668,599 sq mi)
Population 1,022,234,000[1] (2010, 2nd)
Pop. density 30.51/km2 (about 80/sq mi)
Demonym African
Countries 54 (List of countries)
Languages List of languages
Time Zones UTC-1 to UTC+4
Largest cities List of cities

Map of Africa (note that this map is outdated and does not include South Sudan)

Africa is the world’s second largest and second most populous continent

My sick cartoon character :p



MY cartoon character  is diago . He is awesome  because he saves animals . He haves a  friend s that are animals . Has a  backpack that  can do what ever he was to do. I wish that  i was diago.

about me

hello my name is angel I am in grade seven.  I have nine bothers and sisters , tommy, dustin, justice ,  jordan , gaivn , hannah, jayden, deecon, av, that live with me. I have six dogs ,there cats. my mom is haveing a baby girl .